Yup, Winter is Coming. Again…

wade-rainbowAnd we’re ready for it!  Our lodge is warm, cozy and ready to receive us for our cooler seasonal gatherings 🙂

As we head into the fall and winter months, it’s time to reflect on the last couple years and all that we’ve accomplished out here at Deeply Rooted.  Our members and friends have put in a monumental effort to plan, construct and complete our new lodge, and we’re forever grateful for all the sacrifices made and donations we’ve received from both within our little community and from the larger Pagan community.  We’re thrilled that we can utilize this space to provide a connection to nature and the land all year round, and we couldn’t have done without our awesome members! <3

As the snow flies…

lodge2Winter is on it’s way (ok, who are we kidding, it’s here…) and we’re coming into the home stretch with the new lodge!  The exterior is almost complete, and then it’s on to the insulation and inside walls 🙂  For those of you that are wondering, the lodge WILL be usable for our Yule celebration in December.  It may be a bit rough with inside walls missing and we may be contained to the first floor, but it will be enclosed with heat available, so yay!

DSC_0177Our Yule Celebration will be Dec. 18 – 20th (details and registration coming soon!)  It’s our last holiday of 2015, and what a crazy year it’s been!  We will also potentially hold a work weekend somewhere between now and then, so keep your eyes open on our Deeply Rooted Church Facebook Page for any announcements.

Autumn Leaves & New Buildings

IMG_5051Hi folks!  As you can probably imagine, it’s been a busy summer up here at DR.  After our sinking driveway fiasco (big THANK YOU to everyone that donated to the “Fix our Driveway” fund!), we’ve finally been able to make real progress on our new lodge.  It’s actually starting to look like we have a building out here! 🙂  Things are coming along nicely, and we’re hoping to have all the walls & roof on before the snow starts flying, and functional by Yule.

IMG_5053IMG_5054In the meantime, life continues as usual.  We have our upcoming Samhain Celebration (Oct. 30 – Nov. 1) to look forward to, as well as our Yule Celebration (Dec. 18th – 20th) in December.  Whether or not our Yule celebration will be a weekend event or will depend much on how functional the new lodge is this winter 😉  We will keep you informed!


Construction and Summer Continues!

It’s been a summer full of hard work and surprises…  Many of us attended PSG (Pagan Spirit Gathering) this year in the hopes of a little R & R.  Unfortunately, our fun was interrupted by destructive weather and flash flooding.  Some of us lost a fair amount of equipment and supplies to flooding and damage, yet all of us lost our relaxing time together.  We’ve been regrouping since, remembering our good fortune for Tribe and the connections we share all year round at Deeply Rooted.

As we continue to work towards our goals with the new lodge, we will also continue gathering as Tribe.  Registration is now open for our upcoming Lughnasadh Celebration – July 31st – Aug. 2nd. 🙂  Yes, it’s a bit rough out there.  With the construction of the new lodge, there is no indoor sleeping space available.  But there is plenty of tent camping space, and a few tents available for use.  We still have our firepit and the ritual spaces, as well as the great outdoors as usual.  There will be Lugh Games, workshops and our usual camaraderie and shenanigans 🙂

dr4Our driveway and it’s inability to handle our construction requirements was quite a setback.  But now that the weather has cooperated more and things have dried up a bit, we’ve been able to resume work of the land in preparation for the new foundation.

This week we will resume leveling the ground for the foundation and filling in the holes that were dug for water access to the well.  You can still helpdr1 with the funds needed to properly repair our driveway with our GoFundMe Driveway fundraiser!  Every cent goes into our construction fund to replace the funds lost due to the damage done to the driveway.  We know it’s been a tough summer for a lot of folks.  Every little bit helps…

We’ve Started the New Lodge! But there’s a hiccup…

dr-driveway1Deeply Rooted needs your help! We recently had a setback on the road to our new community lodge when our driveway, after an unusually wet Spring, was not up to the task of supporting large trucks and equipment. It’s taken all of our spending buffers to repair the driveway to basic use, and there’s still more than needs to be done to make it functional enough to handle the weight needed to continue building the lodge.

dr-diggerWe ask our awesome community’s help to offset the additional cost of repairing the driveway. Every little bit helps! Please support our Gofundme campaign, either by donating and/or sharing the link where it can get the most exposure. Our plan is to get the lodge up and operational by this fall, but this hiccup has put a crimp in those plans. However, it is not unsurmountable, especially with the help of our community! <3

To donate to our Gofundme campaign, click here.  TIA! 🙂

Support DR’s new Community Lodge Project!

As you know, we’re starting our biggest project yet, a new Lodge to replace the existing community building!  We’re super excited as we begin preparation for this new venture, starting with the removal of the old building to make space for the new which has already started!  Want to help us make Deeply Rooted even more awesome?  Here’s your chance!  We’re selling t-shirts to raise funds!

dr-shirt-front-bigVisit our Booster campaign (http://www.booster.com/drlodge) page to see how you can purchase a cool DR t-shirt to help our cause!  Shirts are $20/each, and come in a beautiful forest green.  All funds raised will go towards our new building.

dr-longsleeve-front-bigThere’s also the option of purchasing a long sleeved t-shirt for $30 – https://www.booster.com/drlodge2

There’s only 4 more days left to get this awesome t-shirt! (ends 4/11/2015)  Thank you so much for continuing to support our community!

Return of the Sun, Slowly but Surely…

As we move through the depth of winter, we begin to notice the light lasting just a little longer each day, and onward we progress into the cycle of the year. 🙂  February is, as most winter months are, a slower month a Deeply Rooted, where we spend our time forging plans and sharing ideas for the year to come.  In this vein, we will be holding a Members Weekend on Feb. 13th – 15th.  Here’s an opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas for DR, and to get first hand information on the plans for the upcoming year (and as usual, we’ll throw some fun in there too!).  This gathering is for paid members of Deeply Rooted (btw, keep your eye out on the website in the next couple months for information on what it means to become a Member of DR!).  If you’d like to attend please check the Members Facebook group for more information (if you are a Member and do not know about the Members FB page or are not on Facebook, please send an email to info@deeply-rooted.org and we’ll get you situated).  And just so we don’t get complete cabin fever, we’ll be holding a Games, Crafts & Guns Weekend on Feb. 27th – Mar. 1st.

DSC_0172We’ve got many events and projects in the works for the next year, the largest of them being the new lodge that will begin construction as soon as the weather and land allows.  Because of this very large and incredibly awesome change, activities at DR will be a little more free-form this year while we get our new building up and ready.  Work weekends will most likely be quite prominent in the Spring, Summer and Fall months.  In the meantime, we’ll take our time during the cold months to hunker down and make plans, together. 🙂

New Year, New Adventures

DSC_0177We’re off to another year of Pagan festivals, community gatherings and intentional off-grid living!  While we move into the heart of Winter, we’re knee deep in the process of establishing next year’s leadership through board elections, as well as planning out the event dates for 2015 and starting the initial planning phase for building our new Community Center as soon as the ground is thawed and ready for us.  It’s an exciting time, and we can’t wait to dig in and get moving!

January is a slow month for activities, but we still need to see our peeps!  So, we’ll be holding a Games, Crafts and Guns weekend (rec shooting will be weather permitting) on January 23 – 25th.  Then the following weekend (Jan 30th – Feb. 1st) we head into our Imbolc Celebration.

Hope everyone has a terrific 2015!  Can’t wait to see how this year plays out 🙂

Heading Into the Darkness…

labyrinthAs we head into the quiet & cold of the year, things quiet down at DR as well.   We’ll be hunkering down for the winter with lots of wood for warmth and lots of quiet time indoors with time for reflection.  We have only one gathering scheduled for November, which is our last Work Party weekend of the year scheduled Nov. 14th – 16th.  The last work weekend is usually a mild one, with just odds and ends worked out in preparation for the winter months. For the most part, it’s mostly a weekend of indoor movies, games and good company.   There is sleeping space available inside with prior notice, but these spaces are limited so please register soon if you plan to attend. 🙂

Of course, we will be having our Yule Celebration on Dec. 19th – 21st, which will include a main ritual, good food, and our annual Polar Plunge into the back pond (if jumping into a hole of ice cold water in the middle of winter isn’t your cup of tea, you’re welcome to observe and share in a cup of hot chocolate instead 😉 ).

***UPDATE*** Since we’re not much for working our backsides off in the middle of winter any more than we have to, we’ll be having a Games, Crafts & Guns weekend on Dec. 5th – 7th. 🙂  This is a free event, with lots of fun, laughs, and frivolity (and perhaps a few shenanigans thrown in for good measure).  Be sure to register to attend, we have limited sleeping space.

October Fun!

yellowaltarAfter a brief quiet time at Deeply Rooted (well, the land has been quiet, DR folks have been busy participating in various Pagan events throughout the region), we’re heading into some of the busiest time of the year!  We’ve got some events coming up, as well as some new fundraising opportunities going on.

Coming up this weekend (Oct. 17-19), we’re having this month’s Work Party Weekend.  We’ll be doing lots of prep for our upcoming Samhain Celebration, held on Oct. 31 – Nov. 2nd, as well as prepping DR for the long winter months.  In between those fabulous events, we’re holding our annual Men’s Weekend (Oct. 24 – 26) , which always includes deep discussions, exploration of Men’s Mysteries, and in usual DR fashion, recreational gun shooting (sorry Ladies, this one is only for the Gentlemen). 🙂

dr-hoodie-smallAs you may also have noticed, we now have an Online Store on the DR website!  To celebrate (and to raise funds), we’re having a Deeply Rooted Hoodie Sale, where you can purchase warm, fuzzy fleece hoodies with the DR logo at a discounted price.  The sale ends on Oct. 24th, so be sure to get your items in soon!  Items purchased with this batch will be available for pickup at DR by Samhain (or you can opt for shipping for a fee).