Beltain 2017


A wee bit late but thanks much to all those that showed up for Beltain the weekend before last, had some decent weather (little chilly but doable). Had around 40-45 folks out (honestly lost count:-), all the usual May games fun with Wade M and Mary Frampton winning May King and Queen. The Maypole dance was a bit of a challenge but we got through it (nothing like getting kids to walk in the right direction with all the drumming and such). Piles of great food, a handful of new folks, fire spinning, walkabout, and a delightful ritual in the stone circle. Some really fun times were had around the fire on Saturday night with the truly fantastic singing.  Got to record some of that next time (even the rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody that everyone started in different parts of the song). Waking Chad Ostorero up with drumming was a hoot, I’m sure he would agree, lol. Hope folks had a good time, see ya next time!   


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