Faimly/Youth week.

Aug 13-20 @DeeplyRooted is the annual Family/Youth week. Our free! pagan campout week for families and your kiddos. (For entire week or just a day/night or more). The 113th Athens Fair is Thursday the 17th thru Sunday the 20th. Also free (tho rides cost) – we’ll also likely have a thrift shop day, a farm day, and a swimming pool day (medford). In between, crafts, nature walks, (including medicinal herbs), bonfires, fire spinning, and mostly time to just read, relax, talk, play games, and nap a lot ! Please contact any Caretaker: wade@deeply-rooted.org, brandi@deeply-rooted.org, text/email shahara at shahara@deeply-rooted.org, 715-613-7727, or callĀ (715) 600-3771

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