Work Party @ Oakbear’s, A Recap.

A sage has widely varied definitions to be found online via a simple Google search.  Whenever someone refers to a sage, I think of Oak Bear.  He is respected and revered within the walls of Deeply Rooted.  His health issues have kept him away from Deeply Rooted’s land for far too long.

He was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, and that with his other prevailing health issues; have kept him in the Tomah VA center more often than not.  Many of our tribe members keep tabs on him, they make calls and the journey to see him at the VA.

During one of Jon’s visits to see Oak Bear, they got to dig around in these raised garden beds that are kept out near the entrance to the facility.  Oak Bear enjoyed the activity, because he could work while still in his wheelchair.  Jon got the idea to build some for Oak Bear and Sandy at their home in Nekoosa so that Oak Bear could continue to garden even though his mobility is restricted.

Deeply Rooted tribe banded together on July 29 to assemble three raised garden beds and work on the land for Sandy and Oak Bear.  Jon, Nick, Kirk and Libby assembled beds; Wade cleared weeds and burned brush before he joined the crew working on the beds; Kim, Kristen and Stephanie M weeded around the garage and in the gardens.  Kim also cooked some yummy food for us all, others brought other food wares from various sources.  Sandy did what she could until she joined me in the shade.

I am still restricted to what activities I can do, I ran for food and water for the folks working on the beds; I snapped a few photos; I am writing this piece on tribe and togetherness.  I kept Sandy company, we spoke of many things, I learned a bit about Oak Bear’s past and how they met.

I spoke with Stephanie about music and the upcoming show we’re interested in.  I watched Kim as she sat, taking in the surroundings with a smile on her face.  I watched Kirk and Libby help Jon, Wade, and Nick get the beds done and set up.

We all have our differences; if we were all the same…how boring would life be.  I am comforted to know that we could all occupy the same space that day and put the rest of life away to help those in need.  Sandy hugged us all in turn and nearly cried when we refused to take any money from her for the work we did.

I look forward to all of us being able to continue to work together for Deeply Rooted, for community and for tribe.  We are Pagans and we need to work together for our future.

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