Full Moon Recap


As I am honoring the Great Goddess Caffenia,  this morning I wish to share with everyone an update on how the night of the full moon looked at Deeply Rooted. About a week before the full moon, the idea of having a ritual sprouted among a few members.  A minor announcement was made on a Facebook post in one of the three most active Facebook groups for Deeply Rooted.   A ritual developed the night before, ingredients were gathered from a few members, and improvisation happened due to the rather swift development of the event and lack of time for the gathering of all the original ingredients.   I was glad for the sense of fellowship toward a common goal, that allowed for last minute changes to achieve a greater success of the ritual. It is always surprising to see how people are happy to provide, whether it is materials, funds, or labor for events at Deeply Rooted.

On the night of the ritual, a few members reach Deeply Rooted. U[on arrival they discovered to the delight of  people at Deeply Rooted, that a second group of individuals has gathered and planned on using the Oak Grove for their own ritual that very same night.

Out of all the years, I have been going to Deeply Rooted, this includes the time spent living there, I do not recall a time where two concurrent rituals were happening.  I am sure there have been such awesome events.

It is awesome that pagan homeland is here, is being used as a place to foster deeper spiritual connection, and is being received well.  To future growth, and future harvests, Hail!








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