Beltain 2017


A wee bit late but thanks much to all those that showed up for Beltain the weekend before last, had some decent weather (little chilly but doable). Had around 40-45 folks out (honestly lost count:-), all the usual May games fun with Wade M and Mary Frampton winning May King and Queen. The Maypole dance was a bit of a challenge but we got through it (nothing like getting kids to walk in the right direction with all the drumming and such). Piles of great food, a handful of new folks, fire spinning, walkabout, and a delightful ritual in the stone circle. Some really fun times were had around the fire on Saturday night with the truly fantastic singing.  Got to record some of that next time (even the rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody that everyone started in different parts of the song). Waking Chad Ostorero up with drumming was a hoot, I’m sure he would agree, lol. Hope folks had a good time, see ya next time!   


Lughnasadh Recap

Lots of fun at the Lughnasadh weekend, hope folks enjoyed themselves. We brought in $190 for the weekend plus $92 on the raffle, most of that going into the bucket for the phoenix that Lyn Marie Neuenfeldt donated. It was won by Stephanie Arnold who seemed to win on everything she put a ticket into. I would be suspicious except I was the one doing it plus she won on the stuff I put in on :-). Hope all are well and enjoying this perfect weather, see ya at the work/party or when next paths cross. bb,


by Wade M
I pulled a muscle in my lower back on Tuesday and went from a day that was going to be perfect for a wide range of physical activity to one of sitting. It was a perfect day for working outside, 70 sunny and breezy and also a perfect day for sitting. Choice was taken from me by that failure of my lower back to lift a log I thought it could so I went out to the bench next to the small pond here and just sat. I was there for more than 2 hours and had several revelations.
Firstly; I was sitting for about 20 minutes and thought how calm and quiet and peaceful it was. After a while of taking that in I started to realize that was wrong, it was incredibly noisy with birds and insects and wind and water and frogs. It was anything but peaceful or calm. A frog was eaten by a snake, frogs birds dragonflies and myself were killing insects, trees and grass were actively trying to kill each other, no peace and no calm. The reason I felt that it was is that the entire situation was right and good, there was balance. It was the real world. I learned I was actually living, not wasting time or relaxing or recovering but truly being alive and in the real world and it was wondrous.
Secondly; computer screens and entertainment cannot compete with reality, we have to actively and constantly try to convince ourselves that we are ‘living’ when we are being amused by non-reality while at the same time said entertainment or ’social media’ continues to isolate and remove us from reality to our own detriment. We then feel the need for more entertainment and ‘connection’ with others in our computer world to combat the isolation and fear that such things have planted and feed within us. This is dumb and we should stop doing it. How? Simple, just stop looking at screens (computer, television, phone) turn them off and go outside and look at the real world. Once you start doing that you find out how simple and easy and worthwhile it is.
Finally; nothing ‘just happens’, everything that happens has intent and direction and purpose or it doesn’t happen. Anything you want or desire to occur in your life or in the world has to be done by you. Hope of change, or really hope in general, that isn’t tied to action is a vile and stupid thing. When you hope for something you are not doing anything to make it happen and on some level have convinced yourself that hoping is all you can, or should do and that the decision is then out of your hands, it is out of your hands. Don’t hope, do. And go outside, no matter the weather or time of day.

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