Imbolc was wonderful!

We had a wonderful Imbolc weekend. Wade gave a great and empowering ritual to get us to spring, lots of laughter and food.  We had our elections, Jon Z will be taking a spot from a member who is using all his energy for healing this year. Personally, I am the Chairman again, for the third year. I think we’ve had a most wonderful working Board for the past few years. I intend this year to be the best ever, especially as I will not be running for the Board next year. I’ve been on the Board for over 10 years, and can use a break! I’ll still be at DR, as Caretaker, facilitating a few rituals/weekends. I’d like to put major effort and energy in helping DR in other ways, like taking classes in Grant Writing and getting those going. Next dates coming up: Games/Movie/Crafts weekends are February 22-24, and March 15-17. Our Member meeting is March 1-3 (more to follow), and Ostara is March 22-24. See you all soon! And much thanks for everyone’s support. ~ Shahara

Join us for Yule 2012!

Come share the end of the world, or at least the end of darkness, and welcome the light!
Bonfire on Friday, the 21st. Likely on Saturday, the 22nd, as well, if interest.

Ritual is around 6:30ish on Saturday, We will sing a few Yule carols, which anyone interested can practice with us earlier.  Please bring a gift to exchange, something nice you no longer need, or found free or in a thrift/used shop! No retail!

We will have a few extra’s, as some forget or don’t read this, so everyone will open something.
Anyone who has personal gifts for others can exchange quietly, or all together, after the feast.

After Ritual, I believe, is the Plunge (Wade?). The pond is not very deep this year, so if you’ve ever wanted to try it,  this IS your year. More info to follow on daily doings!

Feast around 7:30, or when all the food is ready. We all eat together!
Be careful parking, we have alot of snow! Bring boots to get out to the Circle. We will have chairs out there.

Bring a dish of food for the feast, and a non-perishable food item for our local food pantry, if you can.

WE WILL OBSERVE a quiet time, as an experiment, this Sabbat, likely at 11pm or so, in the lodge and in Shahara’s cabin.
Tristin will (hopefully he will) play a half hour or so of lovely guitar music in the lodge, as we drift quietly, thinking about the past year, observe our dreams, and wake refreshed, ready for the new year.

We ask a $20 donation, $15 for members. Or work exchange (dishes, shoveling, etc…).
We will be having another great raffle, too, and continuing the boys vs girls penny game.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

( Let us know if your staying over and need bed space. )


Life Affirming Plunge…

Most certainly we shall be doing the polar plunge, after ritual and perhaps the first round of feasting I’ll be taking people into engaging in that great tradition(we’ve been doing it for 10 years now so its a tradition even if it makes no sense:-). Its cold and dark and can be scary but it is also a great chance to have one moment at the darkest and coldest time of year to pit yourself against the elements.

When you are about to go in most people are thinking ‘this is insane, its a pit of freezing water in the middle of the woods, why would I jump into it?’ and when you go in that thought doubles and doubles again, and when you go under the world ends and all of reality stops where your skin begins. For a moment you body will seize up and you will think you are dying, which you are. And then, and then you rise out into the cold night air and people cheering and your body releases a mountain of heat, endorphins, and other chemicals in its attempt to keep you from dying and there is no feeling like it in the world. This is a chance for one moment in the year to strip down to nothing but your skin and push against the very worst that the winter has to toss at you and not only live but thrive.

This tradition is about the power and beauty and celebration of life in its most basic and primal states. It is also a chance for others in the community to point and laugh at crazy people jumping in and out of ice water in the middle of winter :-). There is, obviously, nudity so if you are not interested in seeing that sort of thing just stay in the lodge and please help keep kids away (unless parent or guardian is there and approves). There is a bond that happens between those that do this, and though it has been about 50/50 male and female over the years some men are a little wary about such an event but let me assure you that ice cold water makes all men equal, lol. so, whose in? bb,