Wish List & Donations

Donation Items for Deeply RootedDeeply Rooted has need for various donation items to help keep this community running smoothly, and to help with the various projects happening at DR.  Below is a list of items we’re currently looking to have donated to help offset the costs of the new community center construction.  If you find you’re in a position to donate any of the items below (which would be AWESOME!), please fill out the form below so we can arrange transport/pick-up.  Thank you for your generosity!

  • Queen bedding, sheets, blankets, pillows
  • Interior doors
  • Large kitchen sink, faucet

The below items are very specific. Please describe exactly what you have in the form below.

  • 5,000 watt or larger generator with electric start
  • Good working gas or propane stove
  • Wood cook stove
  • Composting toilet (contact us, must be NSF compliant)
  • Solar panels
  • Sump pump (submersible type)
  • Shower stall enclosure
  • Large wood heating stove