In an effort to provide a safe & happy environment for our kids, we have a few rules.

  • Children must be supervised by parents or a legal guardian at all times. Deeply Rooted Church is mostly untamed, which means there are dangers in the woods such as animals, plants, sharp objects & other elements that can be harmful. Free-range children are not permitted on our property for the safety of all concerned.

  • If childcare is needed, please discuss it ahead of time with our staff. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you, however, we can not guarantee childcare.

  • Please discuss with young children ritual etiquette ahead of time.

  • Littering of any kind is not permitted, please avoid bringing plastic wrappers or other small plastics which would pose a threat to our ecosystem. Please encourage your child to clean up after themselves.

  • Deeply Rooted Church is off-grid & solar powered. Please refrain from bringing excessive electronic devices such as tablets or video game systems.

We are in no way legally allowed to indoctrinate any minor (under 18) into Paganism or any other spiritual Path. While our clergy are happy to answer questions & perform rituals for children, it must always be with the informed consent of parents or legal guardians.


We want your pet to be comfortable during your stay with us! Here's is a list of suggestions designed with your pet's comfort & safety in mind.

  • Appropriate pet food, medications, & a few gallons of water. Also dishes & other necessary reusable containers.

  • Leashes, crates, & other forms of properly securing your pet for short a duration such as a bathroom break. Please do not leave pets tied up or unattended for longer than 10 minutes. If you require assistance with your pet, please don't hesitate to contact us before you register for an event.

  • Blankets, clothes, toys, & other items required to keep your pet safe, warm, & comfortable in a new space.

We want you & your pet to be safe & comfortable! Please use care when roaming through the woods of our community. This land was not designed for children & pets. There can be many dangers! Please check with a Caretaker or a member of THE clergy if you have questions regarding your stay with your pet.